Shipley Litterpick Bus – Sunday March 5th

Hop aboard and help clean up our streets and playing field!(Around Shipley C of E, Norwoods and surrounding areas)

SAM_2889 (Large)Once again our streets and playing areas have become a bit of a mess. We are going to give our areas some love and clean up and re-cycle what we can.


  • 2:00pm Shipley C of E School (back gate, near Birklands Road) to clean School surrounds
  • 2:30pm Playing field clean-up
  • 3:00pm The Norwoods (meet by playing field, Norwood Place)
  • 4.00pm Clifton Place and Bargrange Av.
  • 4:30pm Eat cake a have cups of tea

What to bring: Decent shoes/boots, we’ll provide gloves, bags and litter picking tools. Any brushes or things you think might be useful to bring are welcome.

If you don’t want to pick up the litter yourself, you can still help us by offering moral support or cups of tea.  Also feel free just to come and have a chat.  If there are other things you’d like to see done in or around our streets, come and talk.

If you need more info contact Dave on 07743471764 or danger.robison ‘at’

Everyone is welcome!


TIMETABLE: Join the Litter-pick Bus!

Sunday March 5th

C of E pick area2pm – Shipley C of E Primary School surrounds

Meet by School gate on Manor Lane.  We’ll be picking up the litter on the streets immediately around the school.

In particular, we want to clear the footpath at the back of the School).  We’ll also tackle the back of Birklands Rd, and a little bit of Selborne Terrace, Castle Rd, part of Otley Rd and Manor Lane (the bits that are very near the School).

If there’s a street you want cleaning – just come and grab one of our litter pickers!



playing field2.30pm – The Playing field opposite the School.

We’ll be cleaning up the areas around the two paths (a nice route to walk to School, if there wasn’t so much litter!), all the way up to Norwood Place.

You may have noticed that thanks to the Norwood Neighbourhood Association and Cllr. Kevin Warnes there are two new bins at the corners of the field.

If you can help us for a little while, it would be great to have your company.






norwoods3.00pm – The Norwoods (1):

Meeting towards the bottom of Norwood Place.  To litter pick around Norwood Place, Norwood Terrace and Norwood St.

3.30pm – The Norwoods (2):

Meet where Norwood St meets Norwood Road.  To clean Norwood Rd, Norwood Ave and Alton Grove.





clifton4.00pm – Clifton Place, back-streets, Bargrange Av and a small section of Bradford Road

Join us for a long or as little as you like.  Just for 10 minutes outside your house, business or walking route will help.  Or just bring us a cup of tea/refreshments out to the volunteers!

This event is being organised by the Norwood Neighbourhood Association ( and is led by David Robison (mob: 07743471764 / e-mail danger.robison ‘at’