Funding Success to Support “Shipley Reimagined” Project

We’ve recently been successful in an application to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s CityConnect Community Grants scheme, to support the delivery of the Cycling and Walking to Work fund. This scheme is aimed at community or non-profit organisations, enabling them to provide grass roots support within communities across West Yorkshire, to help different groups’ access employment, training and apprenticeships through active means.

Project Description

“Shipley Reimagined” seeks to excite the citizens of Shipley with ideas of what their town and neighbourhoods could become with the help of active travel (which basically means getting out of our cars and still getting around!). In stage one it will promote, generate ideas and consult about how residents can create personal and community changes, be better connected to education and job opportunities and achieve greater levels of fitness and wellbeing.

Informed by this process, stage two will involve the provision of cycling resources, events, linking community groups and projects and engaging local employers in actions.

The overall project is to be managed by the Shipley based Norwood Neighbourhood Association and if you’d like to get involved or share ideas, you can email or contact Dave on 07743471764.

The NNA will spearhead a “Shipley Links” community forum to act as a steering group for the project.  The group would consist of representatives from community organisations, local Cllrs, employers, walking bus proponents and existing people already working to improve Shipley.

This group would seek to progress negotiations regarding infrastructure improvements and signage to facilitate better walking and cycling links where need has been identified by members of the community, and to join up and cohere the Shipley Reimagined vision. The project will help identify opportunity, provide support and initiate action; e.g. by facilitating a neighbourhood litter-pick down an under-used shortcut to Shipley train station and requesting a sign to let more people know the off-road short-cut exists.  It could also include identifying the best spots for signage to entice cycle commuting via the Shipley Greenway.

In March through to May activities and resources to prepare for cycle commuting in the spring and summer will be made available to residents. Bike and walking ‘buses’ in and out of Shipley and surrounds, depending on the geography of those showing an interest will be initiated.  The programme will support secure bike storage facilities and a series of public engagement events during Easter, and running through May, June and July are planned.

Shipley Reimagined aims to realise new potential provided by CityConnect infrastructure development and linking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. We will also be working in parallel with several active-travel themed projects for maximum efficacy. For example, we will be supporting a bike bus proposed by Capital of Cycling (, a Bradford based community group.


1)     Establishing Shipley Links steering group with the aim of use local knowledge and networks for the objective of getting residents cycling and walking more often for work and utility.

2)     Initial media and awareness campaign with objectives of improving local understanding of the benefits to the community of active travel and reduced local traffic and recruiting participants for the Shipley Links group. “Centre-Parcs Shipley” images and messages to be distributed via local businesses’ social media, leafletting and public display.

3)     Norwood Neighbourhood intensive modal shift campaign in February: leafletting, door-knocking, communications via Shipley C of E school with walking and bike bus advertising and timetable distribution. By having an intensive focus on a small number of streets we will be able to measure and see a tangible modal shift. Shipley – Bradford bike bus launches.

4)     Information dissemination regarding local cycling routes (including future aspirations and leisure routes) and considerate driving and parking to assist cyclists will be disseminated with an early March campaign, launched with an exhibition and consultation at Shipley Library.

5)     In April, bike bus rides will commence to Shipley from surrounding locations that show most interest and along the Bradford Canal Road greenway, up to Manor Lane and then into Shipley. Other bike bus routes from the canal will be considered depending on the geography of those showing an interest.

6)     Liaison with the Bike Friendly Business scheme to further bike user groups for local employers.

7)     Adequate cycle parking for commuters in Shipley and Shipley Links would pursue this agenda as part of the programme.

8)     Practical events, resources and signposts are the next essential ingredients of the behaviour change programme. Events will take place outside Asda, in Shipley Market Square, on the Leeds Liverpool Canal and in Saltaire centre from May through to July.  These will operate in partnership with employers, churches and other community groups.

9)     During bike week cycling opportunities and reasons for active travel will continue to be promoted to Shipley’s workforce through Sustrans volunteers organising bag packing at Asda, signing up businesses to CityConnect Bike Friendly scheme and a bike breakfast for those who have cycled into Shipley. Working with major employers such as Asda and local bike shops such as Margaret Carey Foundation and All Terrain Cycles these sessions will provide:

  • Support for those looking to borrow or purchase a bike
  • Dr Bike maintenance
  • Advice and resource will be taken from the Capital of Cycling initiative and the Bradford Cycling Campaign for individualised route planning and buddying
  • Lunch time learn to ride in liaison/signposted to CityConnect Cycles programme
  • Basic bike maintenance training to be signposted where available and provided locally where needed.

Why would people participate?

There are many benefits to engaging a community in active travel which are already well documented by Sustrans, Living Streets and others. Free and fun public events in busy public spaces will help get people involved.

To maximise participation and increase the impact of this vision of how pleasant a place Shipley could be, “Center Parcs” style images of an alternative vision of Shipley will be commissioned and widely advertised – The Headrow in Leeds was “re-imagined” in a similar manner a few years ago. The campaign will be spread using networks such as the existing Shipley businesses’ Facebook pages and accompanied by physical leaflets and postcards along with a display in Shipley Library.  Our focus though will be on very localised recruitment for ‘place-making’ with grass-roots, community-sourced ideas for change.

Main engagement/participation themes:

  • Air quality and reduced congestion (including faster commutes)
  • Healthy workers (physical activity, environmental and mental)
  • Improved access to work, education and job opportunities
  • Children’s play and improved school run experience for working parents

We would target potential students by arranging bike bus stops near Shipley College and linking adjacent communities, which enables improved access to apprenticeship and training opportunities. We aim to create an increase in the number of adults who are able to drop their kids at school or nursery before and after proceeding to a place of work or training using active travel modes. We would engage these parents via contacts in local schools (Shipley C or E and Wycliffe have both been engaged about walking bus programmes).

The NNA has a strong record of public engagement, having recorded high levels of public participation at its past events and has strong links to other groups throughout Shipley with experience of successful public engagement projects. Shipley Links would be in a prime position to capitalise on this experience.

Meeting to Discuss Air Quality and other Norwood Issues

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for short Notice….

Please let me know if you can make it and share with anyone who you think should know about this but isn’t included.

Meeting: This Wednesday (29th November 2017) 7-8pm

Venue: My House (57 Clifton Place, BD18 2AB)

Agenda (let me know anything I’ve missed)

  • Norwood Neighbourhood Association What next?
  • Air Quality responses, F.O.E. Measurements and Shipley C of E
  • Cycling and Walking Plan for Shipley
  • Applying for National Lottery Funding and/or CityConnect Community Grant
  • Litterpick


I’ll be meeting with Claire Wright who was involved in putting together an earlier Shipley cycling and walking plan earlier on (Wednesday at 1pm at Bradford Capital of Cycling) and James Craig (who was pictured on the T&A article about air quality with a gas mask on) is inviting a representative of the Friends of the Earth group that measured the pollution levels along.

Many thanks,

Dave Robison

Shipley Litterpick Bus – Sunday March 5th

Hop aboard and help clean up our streets and playing field!(Around Shipley C of E, Norwoods and surrounding areas)

SAM_2889 (Large)Once again our streets and playing areas have become a bit of a mess. We are going to give our areas some love and clean up and re-cycle what we can.


  • 2:00pm Shipley C of E School (back gate, near Birklands Road) to clean School surrounds
  • 2:30pm Playing field clean-up
  • 3:00pm The Norwoods (meet by playing field, Norwood Place)
  • 4.00pm Clifton Place and Bargrange Av.
  • 4:30pm Eat cake a have cups of tea

What to bring: Decent shoes/boots, we’ll provide gloves, bags and litter picking tools. Any brushes or things you think might be useful to bring are welcome.

If you don’t want to pick up the litter yourself, you can still help us by offering moral support or cups of tea.  Also feel free just to come and have a chat.  If there are other things you’d like to see done in or around our streets, come and talk.

If you need more info contact Dave on 07743471764 or danger.robison ‘at’

Everyone is welcome!


Read More «Shipley Litterpick Bus – Sunday March 5th»

Join our Litterpick (Sunday 23rd October 2016)

Join The Litter-Pick Bus!

SAM_2878 (Large)On Sunday, we’ve organised another community litter-pick.  It follows the same route as we did last time.  Basically, we’re starting at Shipley C of E School (back gate), cleaning up around the school, then moving onto the playing field opposite and then the Norwoods, Clifton, Place, Bargrange Av and surrounds.  Do join us.  You can see pics from our previous event in earlier posts.

You can join for just a bit if you don’t fancy spending the whole afternoon.  Or just do a bit on your street – whatever suits. We call it the litter pick bus because you can hop on and off as you see fit.  The bits in red below are the areas we envisage cleaning – if you want to do another street, we won’t stop you!  You can use out litter pickers how you like.


Start At back gate Shipley C or E – meet at 1:30

C of E pick area

Next the Playing field (from about 2pm)

playing field

Then all the Norwoods (for an hour – starting at 2:30pm)


Then Clifton Place and Bargrange Av (from 3:30pm)



We’ll be meeting back at the playing field (Norwoods side) to discuss the future of the Redbeck Allotments site that the Norwood Neighbourhood Association has been planning good things for.  You can join us if you like.

See you Sunday!


Litterpick Bus – Gallery

Our Litterpick Event held on Sunday 28th of February was a great success!

Thanks a lot to everybody that took part – we didn’t get everyone’s names but it included children and parents from Shipley C or E School, Green Councillor Kevin Warnes and a wide range of residents and their kids.  Special shout out to the lads who pushed the trolley with litter pickers around for hours.

Well done everyone and well done Norwood Neighbourhood Association.  The place looks 100 times better!

Join the Litterpick Bus!

IMG_1554 (Large)

Join the Litterpick Bus!


Sunday 28th of Feb

Join us for a long or as little as you like.  Just for 10 minutes outside your house, business or walking route will help.  Or just bring us a cup of tea/refreshments out to the volunteers!

This event is being organised by the Norwood Neighbourhood Association ( and is led by David Robison (mob: 07743471764 / e-mail


C of E pick area2pm – Shipley C of E Primary School surrounds

Meet by School gate on Manor Lane.  We’ll be picking up the litter on the streets immediately around the school.

In particular we want to clear the footpath at the back of the School).  We’ll also tackle the back of Birklands Rd, and a little bit of Selborne Terrace, Castle Rd and a little bit of Otley Rd and Manor Lane (the bits that are very near the School).







2playing field.30pm – The Playing field opposite the School.

We’ll be cleaning up the areas around the two paths (a nice route to walk to School, if there wasn’t so much litter!), all the way up to Norwood Place.

If you can help us for a little while, it would be great to have your company.













norwoods3.00pm – The Norwoods (1):

Meeting towards the bottom of Norwood Place.  To litter pick around Norwood Place, Norwood Terrace and Norwood St.



3.30pm – The Norwoods (2):

Meet where Norwood St meets Norwood Road.  To clean Norwood Rd, Norwood Ave and Alton Grove.







clifton4.00pm – Clifton Place, back-streets, Bargrange Av and a small section of Bradford Road

Meet on Clifton Place (by the hair dressers)



More details about the litterpick

Shipley Clean up!

Sunday 28th of Feb: Please join us in cleaning up our streets and playing field – around Shipley C of E, Norwoods and surrounding area

When: 2:00pm Shipley Church of England School (Manor lane gate) to clean School surrounds
2:30pm Playing field clean-up
3:00pm Norwoods (meet by playing field Norwood Place)
4.00pm Clifton Place and Bargrange Av

What to bring: Decent shoes/boots, we’ll provide gloves, bags and litter picking tools
Organiser: Dave Robison – e-mail | mob: 07743471764

Around this time of year, our streets and playing areas can start to look like a bit of a mess. It doesn’t have to be like this.  We are going to clean up and re-cycle what we can.  Please join us!

If you don’t want to pick up the litter yourself, you can still help us by offering moral support or cups of tea!  Or feel free just to come and have a chat.  If there are other things you’d like to see done in or around our street come and talk.

This event has been organised in conjunction with Norwood Neighbourhood Association (


Everyone is welcome!



Clifton Place Clean-Up!

Clean up Clifton Place!

Please join us in cleaning up the street and back-streets.

(Tea and cake provided!)

When: Sunday 9th November, 1.30pm
Where: Meet outside 57 Clifton Place.
What to bring: Decent shoes/boots and anything you think might be useful, we’ll provide gloves,
bags and litter picking tools.

Organiser: Dave Robison – e-mail d.robison ‘at’ | mob: 0774 347 1764

We are going to spend an hour tidying up the litter and dumped items from down the street. We want to clean up and re-cycle what we can. This event was a great success last March when 15 residents helped out. These back-streets can be nice, safe and clean places
to walk up and down and for children to play in, or just nicer to look out on!

If you don’t want to pick up the litter yourself, you can still help us by offering moral support or cups of tea! Or feel free just to come and have a chat. If there are other things you’d like to see done in or around our street come and talk. This event has been organised in conjunction with Norwood Neighbourhood Association.

We are meeting at 1.30pm on Sunday at the bottom of Clifton Place (just outside number 57 – Dave and Cathy’s house). Everyone is

Community Event Planned for 27th September 1-3pm

Apologies, it’s been a while since we have posted anything to the website but several exciting developments have been going on in the Norwoods.

Currently, plans are under way for another community event at Redbeck Gardens. We plan to have giant games, tombola, lots of cakes, fun and frolics and also have the aim of doing a clear-up of the site – so bring decent shoes and be prepared to roll your sleeves up. Or alternatively you can just come down for a chat.

Hope to see you there. More details will be posted soon.

Community Clean Up & Skips

On Friday 21st October and Saturday 22nd October two community skips will be in the Norwoods for residents to use. Please use the skips to clear out your gardens and back yards. As the weather turns colder, mice and other mammals will be looking for easy sources of food and warmth. A warden will be on hand to offer advice on a variety of services offered by the council including bulkywaste, removal of vermin, their responsibilities on putting out refuse bins and their collection, etc.

On Saturday 22nd the Norwood Neighbourhood Association will be carrying out a survey to identify the needs and wants of the community as well as assisting in a general clean.

On the Friday, funding has been sourced for a community clear up team to visit the area and clear litter and fly-tipped rubbish.