Bk Clifton Place – Let’s Dream!

Let’s dream and build collective ideas for the use of the back of Clifton Place!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for it to be a place of beauty for our community?

Come and join the discussion on Sunday 8th September.

  • Bring a chair and a mug
  • Tea and scones provided!

Looking forward to seeing you,

Jennie, Barb, Cath and Dave, with support from Cllr Vick Jenkins

Site Visit – 29th August 3:15pm

Hi Norwood folks!

There will be a site visit by Catherine Roberts of Shipley College to look at the cleared area behind Chicken Cottage (off Clifton Place), which is ready for construction of a community garden.  The college will hopefully be constructing some raised beds there.  We’re meeting there on the 29th August at 3:15 pm.

What it looks like AFTER clean up work

If any of you are available please do come along and forward this to anyone who you might think will be interested to input/see what’s going on.
Many thanks!

What it looked like BEFORE we started our work